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Character Purity aims to edify the populace about the need for Character Perfection, and Victory over Sin, before the imminent return of Yeshua (Matthew 5:48)

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  Trudy wrote @

Hi sister sabbay, I am still a new SDA member I have embrace this truth with my whole heart, I just want to be able to share it with others but I feel like I am fumbling. Not knowing where to begin. Do you have any suggestions where I can start with my studies to make it possible for me to share my faith with my family. My children except for one is fully engaged as well. but my parents think its all foolish and I would love to be able to share with them in a way that will open their eyes. Only God can do that I know but I really do not have a clue where to begin in showing them the truth in the scriptures. that flow. I need to study it out myself first. I have it already but I don’t have it share. does that make sense? I appreciate your help.

  characterpurityministries wrote @

Hey Trudy,

Thanks so much for your comment. You are welcome to use anything I write in the effort of saving souls. I believe that we all stumbling around with words at times, but God will empower you, do not give up. Here is a good link to share with your loved ones, it gives solid history in video format:

  joji afulugencia wrote @

hello im a newly converted sda is 144,000 literal numbers meaning at the second coming of jesus only 144,000 will be saved?

  characterpurityministries wrote @

Hi Joji,

The bible states that 144,000 in number will live to see Christ return, which means they will not taste death and they will be sealed, withstanding God’s wrath, unmingled with mercy (Revelation 6:17, 7:1-4). However, the righteous that are resting in their graves will be resurrected at the last trump, or last plague: and they will witness the return of Christ (1Thessalonians 4:16-18). It is my belief thus far that the righteous resurrected will constitute the GREAT MULTITUDE that none could number (Revelation 7:9).

Dionne (Sabbay)
Happy Sabbath

  Tina Lail wrote @

Hi, I have given this site to others to read and when some of these passages refer to books and give page# we have different versions of the same book with different page # alot of people don’t know this. It’s different with hard, soft and size books. I think people need to know that. I’ve given some of these books and they may use them, and not find what they’re looking for.

  Tina Lail wrote @

Thank you so much for this ministry site, it’s great!! I borrowed it from a friends FB page and I’m sharing it with others!! It’s a great ministry tool, truely a blessing!

  Character Purity Ministries | AdventistWheat Publishing® wrote @

[…] About the Author & Mission statements, biblically reference […]

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